Ice Cream?


When you can’t eat ice cream due to dairy, gluten, and other food intolerances, Mackie came up with his own problem solving. Mashed potatoes in a gluten-free ice cream cone!

Since that day Mackie has wanted ice cream and we have found that the dairy-free alternatives though hard to find are his favorite.

This Fourth of July and Mackie will be looking forward to real ice cream this time.


We wish you and your family a Happy and Safe Fourth of July!

Anny and Mackie

3 thoughts on “Ice Cream?

  1. I love a twinkle of cinnamon in my ice cream! Snack Penguin likes pretzel sticks poking out all over his cone to make it look like a porcupine. Both of us would like to try a mashed potato cone any time with Mac and Furry.


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