Happy Holidays from Mackie


Mackie where did you come from?  He had been busy and off silently moving around in the house.  Mackie requires external supervision to do well.  He has been silent and out of sight. I was thinking what did he get into and where do I search to find out what he was up to and what kind of mess do I have to clean up.

Well…  he had quite an answer that I hadn’t planned on.  The concrete language of kids with neurodevelopmental disorders requires thinking on how you phrase things.  Well, I didn’t think this one through.  But the answer was enlightening anyway.

Yes Mackie, you are our gift.

For those who do not know Mackie’s story. Mackie was adopted from the foster care system and he has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome plus two genetic disorders, has involuntary movement disorders and is medically complex.

Come back each Monday to see It’s Mackie’s World cartoons and share in Mackie’s adventures.

Happy Holidays from Mackie and our family to yours.

Mackie’s Mom

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