99 Days Around the World for FASD

mackiesworld99 Days! GO!(1)

Mackie and Furry are on a mission. A big job for a little boy and his best friend penguin. They are running around the world raising awareness about FASD. Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders with their friends. From June 1 to September 9; that’s 99 days every year Mackie and Furry are busy rocking their Red Shoes.

Why Red Shoes? Learn more from my friends from Edmonton, Canada.

If you have noticed if you look in all the “It’s Mackie’s World” cartoons, Mackie is wearing Red Shoes. Mackie’s has FAS.  Fetal Alcohol Syndrome because his birth mother drank alcohol while pregnant.

Learn more about FASD from our friends at the National Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

Yes, Mackie and Furry have friends all over the whole big globe.  From right here in the United States of America and Canada to on the other side of the world to Austrailia, New Zealand, to South Africa and many friends in many countries in Europe like Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Poland, and Spain so far.

Mackie’s friend RJ Formanek started wearing Red Shoes to start a conversation about FASD five years ago.  Mackie has been ringing the bells since he was very tiny and joined RJ and his friend Jodee Kulp and ever since have been teaching about FASD in a big way.

This cartoon “It’s Mackie’s World” is our way to share Mackie’s adventures in cartoon form in an endearing and educating way.

Head on over to Red Shoes Rock and learn about FASD and follow us as we Educate, Advocate and raise awareness about FASD.

Go Mackie and Furry Go! An extraordinary little boy and his penguin are spreading the word in a mighty big way!

Mackie’s Trivia:  Did you know that one in twenty children may be affected by FASD, and that it is more common than children with Autism and most will never be diagnosed?




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